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Gift Box

Kitting simplified.

We take the hassle out of swag by guiding you through the entire kitting process. We'll find out how to best cram your creative ideas within a box, from product selection and packaging design to logistics and delivery. With your budget and scale in mind, we'll work with you on specialized designs, uncommon fill possibilities, marketing, and more. Your brand is distinctive. Let's tell a compelling tale.

  • Creative packaging 

  • Strategic merchandising

  • Personalized box inserts and cards 

  • Simplified logistics

  • Flexible delivery options

  • Secure data collection

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Eco Basket Kit


Cosmetic Care Kit


Thank You Kit


Virtual Event Pack


Baby Kit

Care Package.png

Personal Care Kit


Influencer Kit


Conference Kit


BirthDay Kit


Executive Kit


Create Custom Pack


Anniversary Kit

Leaves Shadow

The Influence Of Custom Brand Boxes


Custom corporate gifts that clients and employees will remember.

You can give someone a great t-shirt and cap, or you can put everything together in a customizable box. Which one do you believe will have the greatest impact? We've discovered that putting your item in a customized box significantly boosts its impact and value.

You may turn your item from a product to an experience by including a fun story in the packaging. Unboxing a Brand Box on your first day of work or after referring a firm is an experience unlike any other. We work with companies to create Custom Brand Boxes that turn their customers into true brand ambassadors.


Our revolutionary kitting method.

  • Exploration & Research

  • Merchandising & Sourcing

  • Creative & Design

  • Logistics & Delivery

Our team of experts bring a strategic mindset to swag. We do this by delivering unforgettable brand experiences that amplify impact and drive results.

Let's make your own one-of-a-kind, custom-made gift basket for your remote working colleague

Image by Kristin Wilson
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