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altxen personal selling

More prospects arise from personal selling.

Personalized gifts that make it easy to develop stronger, deeper, and more trusted relationships help you close sales faster and more frequently. Prepare to see a 5X improvement in close rates, as our clients have!

Automated Research

Personal research that used to take days now takes minutes

One-to-one Gifting

Improve your yield by 4-5x with personal notes and personal gifts

Required Actions

Follow up with those that book a meeting as part of the process

Unless you do your homework and understand something about them, cold outreach isn't a good idea. Delivering a relatable, relevant, and respectful Personal Experience, on the other hand, is effective.

Altxen one to one gifting

Create a deal pipeline and move deals along.

You're not selling to just one person anymore. There are several layers and teams engaged in every trade. Unless you can re-engage and advance the dialogue, this can cause opportunities to stall. Prospects aren't the only ones who benefit from personal experience (PX).

Altxen deal pipeline
Altxen gain trust through gifting

Establish rapport, gain trust, and inspire loyalty. Repeat.

Finding common ground with your prospects starts you off on the right foot in B2B sales. Personal Experience is all about sending personal presents to open doors, close sales, and build connections by celebrating the achievement of common goals.

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