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Customized B2B gifting to Delight Your Customers in 2021.

Updated: Sep 5, 2021

If you're feeling stuck when it comes to gift ideas, here are a few no-fail client gifts to keep you in your clients’ minds all year.

Altxen makes thoughtful corporate gifting easy with premium, expertly curated gift boxes. Instead of giving a simple gift card, delight your customers and employees with Altxen on-demand customized gifts & Merchandising solutions.

Need new ways to make connections? Increase reply rates, build pipeline, accelerate deals and drive loyalty, regardless of where you're working using Altxen direct mail and gifting & merchandising services.

Leave your ideation, design, creation, shipping, and storage of your corporate gifts & merchandise to us.#altxen #personalisedswag #ondemand #virtualconnection #happygifting

Boost the Outcome of Just About Anything

Direct mail, corporate gifts, and memorable virtual event experiences are proven to increase:

  • Demand Generation

  • Funnel Conversions

  • Event Attendance & Engagement

  • Pipeline Management

  • Customer Loyalty

  • Employee Productivity

Altxen easy-to-use platform integrates with your existing tech stack to automate the right sends, at the right time, for the right people all without a trip to the post office.

Don’t wait for a special occasion or holiday to remind your clients how much their business means to you. Send an "off-season" gift today, and you might even get a referral or two from your efforts.

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